What Troubles are easy to happen in SS Coil Tubes?

Problems prone to Stainless Steel Coil Tubes:
1), the fan has small air output and poor cooling capacity
Reason: In the case of normal operation of the fan, except for the small amount of air intake, the air duct leaks. The air leakage of the air duct rarely occurs and is dealt with. The small air intake is troublesome due to the clogging of the return air filter. The solution is often Clean the filter. If it is not cleaned in time, dust and debris will further stick to the coil fins and rotor blades. The clogging of the fins with dirt will cause the ventilation capacity of the fan to decrease. Dust will also accumulate on the fan impeller, causing the blade angle to become smaller, resulting in a decrease in air volume and an increase in fan current. So even clean the return air filter. Generally, it is cleaned at least every quarter, otherwise the blockage will become more and more serious and maintenance will become more and more difficult.

2) The coil tube is noisy, and the noise is louder with the high wind speed
There are generally several reasons for this phenomenon:
(1) Poor damping measures during installation and construction, and resonance occurs during operation;
(2) There is a foreign body in the air duct;
(3) The fan blades are deformed or the motor bearings are damaged, and the dynamic balance becomes poor. When encountering this phenomenon, first check whether the coil support and hanger is loose, and then open the air duct to check and reduce foreign objects.
3), the coil motor does not rotate;
4) The air output is normal, and the air supply temperature is deviated;
5) Water dripping from equipment and pipelines.

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