What is Coiled Tubing?

Introduction to coiled tubing products:
Coiled tubing is made of low carbon alloy steel. It is also called flexible tubing. One coil of Coiled tubing is several thousand meters long.With the ability to perform many operations in place of conventional tubing, the coiled tubing equipment features a pressurized, continuous trip, small size, fast cycle time, and low cost.Coiled tubing originated in the Allied “Pluto” during World War II in the 1940s.
In 1962, California Oil and Bowen Oil Tools developed the first coiled tubing portable workover unit. The coiled tubing with an OD of 33. 4mm was used for sand flushing and well cleaning operations in Oil and gas Wells in the Gulf of Mexico.By the 1990s, coiled tubing technology had advanced by leaps and bounds.Coiled tubing equipment has been known as “universal operation machine”, widely used in oil and gas field workover, drilling, completion, logging and other operations, running through the whole process of oil and gas production.The number of coiled tubing units in the world has developed as follows: In 1962, the world’s first coiled tubing unit was born;In the mid-1970s, there were about 200;In 1993, there were about 561;At the beginning of 2001, there were about 850;At the beginning of 2004, there were about 1,050 units, mainly distributed in North and South America and Europe.At the beginning of 2011, there were about 1,881, with 61 in China.At the beginning of 2021, there were about 4,000 units, with about 500 units in China.
Coiled tubing initially gained a foothold in the market as a cost-effective wellbore cleaning tool.With intervention and completion operations accounting for more than 75% of the total revenue from coiled tubing operations, the use of coiled tubing continues to expand in oil and gas fields worldwide.
The advantages and application value of coiled tubing (CT), such as pressure underbalance, fast and efficient operation, low damage to formation, and low cost (due to simplified process), were not recognized until the 1990s, 30 years after the birth of CT.Subsequently, coiled tubing has been widely used in oil and gas field workover, drilling, well completion, logging and other operations, and has played an increasingly important role in oil and gas field exploration and development.
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