Steel Price Analyze

Under the background of over-issued US dollars and rising raw material prices, Chile, the world’s largest metal exporter, once again blocked its borders, and copper and other ore prices may usher in a new round of soaring, and the super cycle begins.
Recently, the price of raw materials has risen rapidly, especially in the field of metal raw materials. The prices of some metal raw materials have increased by more than 50% since the beginning of the year. Data shows that the price of ordinary carbon steel has increased from 550usd/ton at the beginning of the year to 850 usd/ton , and the price of 316 stainless steel has increased from 2,461 usd/ton to now 3,076 usd/ton per; the price of copper rose from 5846 usd/ton to10,461 usd/ton, the price of silicon steel rose from 615 usd/ton to Now more than 1,230 usd/ton, and the price of aluminum increased from 1,692 usd/ton T has risen to 2,769 usd/ton, of which steel and copper are the most in demand, and their prices have risen astonishingly.

The prices of raw materials such as steel, copper and aluminum have risen rapidly, causing the cost of many engineering construction, metallurgy, electromechanical and home appliances companies to rise rapidly. In order to reduce engineering and commercial risks, it is recommended that the majority of purchasers purchase early and stock up in advance.

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