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SS400 Steel Plate

SS400 is a marking method for Japanese steel materials and a criterion, which is equivalent to domestic Q235 steel (also known as A3 steel). Foreign standard structural steels are often classified according to their tensile strength, such as SS400 (as marked in Japan), where 400 means that the minimum value of σb is 400MPa. Ultra-high strength steel refers to steel with σb≥1373 Mpa.SS400 is a marking method of Japanese steel, which is actually the domestic Q235 steel. It is a kind of steel material. Q represents the yield of this material, the latter 235 refers to the yield value of this material, around 235. Normally we use this Type of Steel to make structure , EMHK has exported at least 5-6000 tons SS400 Plates to overseas every year. Pls feel free to contact us if you are interested in SS 400 steel plates.

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SS400 Steel Plates, Structural steel plate (mechanical engineering material): refers to steel that meets a specific strength and formability grade. Formability is expressed as elongation after the tensile test is interrupted. Structural steel is generally used for load bearing and other purposes, in which the strength of steel is a reuse design standard. Structural steel is a kind of special steel.

Japanese Grade:
The first part indicates the material, such as: S (Steel) means steel, F (Ferrum) means iron;
The second part represents different shapes, types and uses, such as P (Plate) for plates, T (Tube) for tubes, and K (Kogu) for tools;
The third part represents the characteristic number, generally the lowest tensile strength. Such as: SS400-the first S represents steel (Steel), the second S represents “Structure”, 400 is the lower limit tensile strength of 400MPa, and the whole represents ordinary structural steel with a tensile strength of 400 MPa.
The first S is the abbreviation of Steel, P is the abbreviation of Plate, H is the abbreviation of Hot Heat, and C is the abbreviation of Commercial Commercial, which means generally hot-rolled steel plates and steel strips.
Represents hot-rolled steel sheets and strips for stamping.

Indicates hot-rolled steel sheets and strips for deep drawing.
Indicates that cold-rolled carbon steel sheets and strips are generally used, which is equivalent to China’s Q195-215A grade. The third letter C is the abbreviation of Cold. To ensure the tensile test, add T at the end of the grade to indicate SPCCT.
It means cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip for stamping, equivalent to China 08AL (13237) high-quality carbon structural steel.

It means cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip for deep drawing, which is equivalent to China 08AL (5213) deep drawing steel. When it is necessary to ensure non-timeliness, add N to the end of the grade as SPCEN.
Cold rolled carbon steel sheet and steel strip quenching and tempering code: annealing state is A, standard quenching and tempering is S, 1/8 hard is 8, 1/4 hard is 4, 1/2 hard is 2, and hard is 1.

Surface processing code: D for matt finish rolling and B for bright finish rolling. For example, SPCC-SD means standard hardened and tempered, matt finish rolled cold rolled carbon sheet for general use. Another example is SPCCT-SB, which means cold-rolled carbon sheet with standard quenching and tempering, bright processing, and mechanical properties.

Mechanical structural steel plate
S + carbon content + letter code (C, CK), the carbon content is represented by the median value × 100, and the letter C: represents carbon K: represents steel for carburizing. For example, the carbon content of S20C is 0.18-0.23%
Carbon structural steel
High-quality carbon structural steel hot-rolled thin steel plates and steel strips are used in the automotive, aviation industry and other sectors. Its steel grades are rimmed steel: 08F, 10F, 15F; killed steel: 08, 08AL, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. Low carbon steel plates below 25 and 25, 30 and Above 30 is medium carbon steel plate.

SS400 Steel Plate Specification Size lists:

Thickness in Inches Widths Lengths Lbs/Sft
3/16 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 96, 120, 124,133, 144, 156, 240 7.660
1/4 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 96,110, 120, 144, 240 10.210
5/16 48, 60, 72, 96 96, 120, 240 12.760
3/8 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 96, 120, 144, 169, 240, 260 15.320
7/16 96 240 17.870
1/2 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 96, 120, 144, 240 20.420
5/8 48, 96, 120, 240, 480 25.530
3/4 48, 72, 84, 96 96, 120, 240, 480 30.630
7/8 96 240 35.740
1 48, 72, 96 96, 120, 240, 480 40.840
1 1/8 96 240 45.950
1 1/4 48, 96 96, 120, 240 51.050
1 3/8 96 240 56.160
1 1/2 96 120, 240 61.260
1 5/8 96 240 66.370
1 3/4 96 240 71.470
2 96 120, 240 81.680
2 1/4 96 240 91.890
2 1/2 96 240 102.100
2 3/4 96 240 112.310
3 96 240 122.520
3 1/4 96 144 132.730
3 1/2 96 120 142.940
3 3/4 96 120 153.150
4 96 144, 180 163.360
4 1/4 96 120 173.570
4 1/2 96 120 183.780
5 96 144 204.200
6 96 120 245.040
7 96 160 285.880

SS400 is basically equivalent to my country’s Q235 (equivalent to Q235A). However, there are differences in specific indicators. Q235 has requirements for the contents of C, Si, Mn, S, P and other elements, but SS400 only requires S and P to be less than 0.050. The yield point of Q235 is greater than 235 MPa, while the yield point of SS400 is 245 MPa. SS400 (steel for general structure) means general structural steel with a tensile strength greater than 400MPa. Q235 means ordinary carbon structural steel with a yield point greater than 235MPa. The standard number of SS400 is JIS G3101. The standard number of Q235 is GB/T700。

SS400 is a marking method of Japanese steel, which is actually the domestic Q235 steel. It is a kind of steel material. Q represents the yield of this material, the latter 235 refers to the yield value of this material, around 235. And as the thickness of the material increases, its yield value decreases. Due to the moderate carbon content, the comprehensive performance is better, the strength, plasticity and welding properties are better matched, and the application is the most extensive. It is often rolled into wire rod or round steel, square steel, flat steel, angle steel, I-beam, channel steel, window frame steel and other section steels, medium and thick steel plates. It is widely used in construction and engineering structures. It is used to make steel bars or to build factory buildings, high-voltage power transmission towers, bridges, vehicles, boilers, vessels, ships, etc. It is also widely used as mechanical parts with low performance requirements. C and D grade steel can also be used as some professional steel.


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