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Q345B Steel Plate

Q345B steel plate is a kind of steel material. It is a low-alloy steel (c<0.2%) with good overall performance, good low temperature performance, cold stamping performance, welding performance and machinability. It is widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, buildings, pressure vessels, etc. q represents the yield of this material, and 345 in the back refers to the yield value of this material, around 345mpa. And as the thickness of the material increases, its yield value decreases. EMHK is specialized in Manufacturing Q345B Steel Plates, we export 1000-5000 tons Q345B Plates to overseas. Pls contact us if necessary.

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Q345B steel plate
Q345B steel plate
Grade expression method: The steel grade consists of three parts: the Chinese phonetic alphabet representing the yield strength, the yield strength value, and the quality grade symbol. For example: Q345B, where:
Q—The first letter of the Chinese Pinyin of “qu” for the yield strength of steel;
345—Yield strength value, unit MPa;
B—Quality grade is B grade.
When the buyer requires the steel plate to have thickness direction performance, the symbol representing the thickness direction (Z direction) performance level is added after the above-mentioned grades, for example: Q345BZ15.
Executive standard: implement GB/T1591-2008.

Chemical Compositions:


Mechanical properties
Yield Strength:
≤16mm: ≥345,
16-40mm: ≥335,
40-63mm: ≥325,
63—80mm: ≥315,
80—100mm: ≥305,
100—150mm: ≥285,
150-200mm: ≥275.
Tensile strength: 450-630.
Elongation: greater than 17.
Impact test: Test temperature: 20°C: greater than 34.

Q345B Steel Plate Specification Sizes:

Grade Thk mm Wide mm Length mm
Q345B 8 2600 12000
Q345B 10 2200 10000
Q345B 20 2200 9000
Q345B 30 2490 11000
Q345B 40 2200 8800
Q345B 50 2300 12000
Q345B 60 2650 12400
Q345B 70 2350 9400
Q345B 80 2540 12200
Q345B 90 2300 12300
Q345B 100 2510 10200
Q345B 110 2650 9450
Q345B 120 2560 8500
Q345B 130 2380 12110
Q345B 140 2390 12150
Q345B 150 2370 10150
Q345B 160 2360 9250
Q345B 170 2360 8710
Q345B 180 2360 9350
Q345B 200 2380 8330
Q345B 220 2380 7060
Q345B 240 2380 7250
Q345B 260 2370 6500
Q345B 280 2260 6480
Q345B 300 2160 7300

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