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316L Stainless Steel sheet Hairline

We supply high quality stainless steel HL sheets with grade: 201/304/304L/316/316L/430 and so on. Hairline Stainless Steel sheets play an important role in industry, architecture, kitchen, structure steel, decorative, hotel and lifts ect.,We are trusted and reliable supplier with quality guarantee.Welcome to send your QC to our factory to check the quality if you decide to cooperate with us. We can accept the third party’s inspection before shipping. Pls Send us your inquiry now, Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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Introduction :Stainless steel hairline process is the surface of stainless steel like silky texture, which is one of processes of stainless steel. The surface is matte with texture on it, but you can’t feel it by touch it.The former name is grinding sheet, the surface grain has straight pattern, random pattern, ripple, threads and other pattern. It’s more wear-resistant than the ordinary bright stainless steel and looks better.Stainless steel hairline process is a kind of metal processing technology, which is the most popular surface treatment technology in the stainless steel industry today.




Grade Color &


Width(mm) Length(mm)
Regular Sizes(mm) Other
Mirror 200 series custom


0.3-3.0 1000 1219 1240 1250 1500 custom





300 series
400 series
Hairline 200 series 0.3-3.0 1000 1219 1240 1250 1500
300 series
400 series
Etched 200 series 0.3-3.0 1000 1219 1240 1250 1500
300 series
400 series
Embossed 200 series 0.3-3.0 1000 1219 1240 1250 1500
300 series
400 series
Stamped 200 series 0.3-3.0 1000 1219 1240 1250 1500
300 series
400 series
Bead Blasted 200 series 0.3-3.0 1000 1219 1240 1250 1500
300 series
400 series
Antique 200 series 0.3-3.0 1000 1219 1240 1250 1500
300 series
400 series
Normal Steel sheets’Grade chemical composion:
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