Knowledge 3 ( Different Types Suraface Finish of Stainless Steel Sheet)

Surface state of stainless steel plate
1,No.1 surface processing type: hot rolling, annealing, deoxidization state characteristics: rough, matte processing technology: after hot rolling to the specified thickness, then annealing, to remove the oxide scale. Usually used in industrial applications, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, surface smoothness requirements are not high.
2,2D surface processing type: cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling or dephosphorization state characteristics: uniform surface, sub smooth processing technology: heat treatment after cold rolling, pickling. The matt surface is produced by pickling or dephosphorization. It can be leveled by rough surface roller. Rough surface processing is convenient to keep lubricant on the surface of round steel during deep drawing. This surface is suitable for deep drawing fasteners, but these parts need polishing after forming.
3、 2B surface processing type: cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling or dephosphorization, bright processing state features: smooth and flat compared with 2D surface processing technology: on the basis of 2D surface, the steel after heat treatment and dephosphorization is leveled with a throwing stick with small pressure. Is the most commonly used surface processing, in addition to complex fasteners deep drawing, can be used for any purpose.
4、 Ba surface processing type: cold rolling, bright annealing state features: smooth, bright, reflective processing technology: bright annealing in controlled atmosphere furnace after cold rolling. Hydrogen or nitrogen mixed atmosphere is usually used to prevent oxidation during annealing, which is also a common surface processing method for subsequent reprocessing.
5、 3. Surface processing type: brush grinding or sub smooth polishing on one or both sides. State features: non directional texture and non reflective processing technology: the demander can specify the grade or surface roughness of polishing belt. Due to the different grade or surface roughness of the polishing belt, the state of the surface is different. This kind of surface is suitable for extended products which need further processing. If the products made of steel or steel plate are not processed or polished, it is recommended to use No. 4 surface

6、No. 4 Surface
Processing type: General polishing on one side or two sides. State characteristics: no direction texture, reflective
Processing technology: after rough grinding, the grinding paste with particle size of 120-150? Or finer is used for fine grinding. This kind of material is widely used in food equipment, kitchen equipment, fasteners for shop facade connection, etc.
7、 No.6 Surface
Processing type: single side or double side matte forging surface line polishing, Tampico grinding state features: matte, non directional texture
Processing technology: the surface reflectance is worse than that of No. 4 surface, which is made of steel processed by No. 4 surface in medium of medium size grinding paste and oil. It is suitable for building and decorative fasteners that do not require glossiness. The grinding granularity can be specified by the demander.
8、No. 7 Surface
Processing type: high gloss surface processing state features: smooth, high reflectance
Processing technology: it is made by grinding excellent foundation surface, but the surface abrasion mark cannot be eliminated. The surface is mainly suitable for fasteners used for exterior decoration of buildings requiring high gloss.
9、No. 8 Surface (8K surface)
Processing type: mirror processing
State characteristics: no direction texture, high reflection, clear image
Processing technology: the surface is polished with gradually refined abrasives and polished with extremely fine steel balls. There is no abrasion mark on the surface. The product is used for mirror or template connection.
10、 TR surface
Working type: cold work hardening
State characteristics: according to the size of the material and cold work
Processing technology: enough cold work hardening treatment shall be carried out for the annealed dephosphorization or bright annealed steel to greatly improve the strength level.
11、 HL surface (drawing surface, hairline surface)
Processing type: cold rolling, acid pickling, leveling, grinding state features: continuous wear line shape
Processing technology: the grinding material with appropriate particle size is used for polishing to make the surface present continuous grinding lines.

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