How to produce Stainless Steel Capillary Tube ?

How to produce Stainless SteelCapillary Tube and what are the Capillary Tube’s Advantages?Stainless steel Capillary tube, because its material is stainless steel, itself has good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and other properties, superior performance, has a wide range of USES, coupled with the coil used in the production of stainless steel production technology and production equipment, stainless steel capillary tube production cost is low, so, stainless steel capillary tube is currently the main heat transfer components in the industrial production.
We also know that there are many kinds of stainless steel heat exchange tubes, stainless steel light tubes, stainless steel threaded tubes, stainless steel bobbins, stainless steel U-shaped tubes, stainless steel coil, etc., among them, stainless steel capillary tube compared with other heat exchange tubes, has a lot of advantages, so that stainless steel capillary tube is widely used in heat exchange work.

So, do you know how stainless steel Capillary tube  is produced?What is the process characteristic of stainless steel Capillary tube?What are the advantages of stainless steel capillary tubes?
Stainless steel capillary tube products are divided into welded coil and seamless coil according to the manufacturing process:
Coil production through pipe making, bending and cutting these three steps,
1. Welding capillary tubes
The first step of pipe making, using stainless steel steel strip as raw material, using pipe making machine online continuous production pipe making;Then is the bending pipe, the stainless steel pipe will be transported to the pipe bending machine, using the pipe bending machine or other pipe bending device to bend the pipe, until the first pipe bending is completed, and then transferred to the second pipe bending, in turn, continuous, until all the stainless steel pipe bending is completed, a single continuous pipe bending;Then is the cutting, bending the end of the single continuous elbow, after the fixed length of the pipe head to remove the remaining material, the single coil single tube length of 15~150 meters, no radial weld.
2. Seamless Capillary tubes
Seamless capillary tube is perforated by stainless steel rod, which is processed into seamless tube and then cold-drawn annealing.Then is the bending pipe, the stainless steel pipe will be transported to the pipe bending machine, using the pipe bending machine or other pipe bending device to bend the pipe, until the first pipe bending is completed, and then transferred to the second pipe bending, in turn, continuous, until all the stainless steel pipe bending is completed, a single continuous pipe bending;Then is the cutting, bending the end of the single continuous bending pipe, after the fixed size of the pipe head excise the remaining material, the length of the single coil single tube required.
The wall thickness of stainless steel coil tube is uniform and smooth, so that the inner and outer walls will not form oxidation layer, and the inner and outer walls are bright and beautiful.Under normal circumstances, the thickness of stainless steel coil tube is 0.8cm– 2.0mm, which is the thickness of ordinary stainless steel coil tube required for industrial production.
Therefore, the main product characteristics of stainless steel capillary tube is: high temperature steam resistance, impact corrosion resistance, ammonia corrosion resistance, anti-scaling, not easy to stain, oxidation corrosion;The tube wall is uniform, the wall thickness is only 50-70% of the copper tube, the overall thermal conductivity is better than the copper tube;Pipe installation process is good, can be directly replaced, safe and reliable;Long service life, reduce maintenance time, save costs, is the old unit transformation and manufacture of new equipment ideal heat exchange products, no wonder, stainless steel coil is widely used in chemical, machinery, textile, petroleum and other industrial fields. To know more information about SS Capillary tubings, pls visit:


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