Coiled tubing / Capillary Tubing to Choose Welded or Seamless?

Many people are now considering whether the Stainless Steel coiled tubing and capillary tubing should be seamless or welded. Seamless tubings have particularly advantageous, but not every application field must be done with seamless tubings. In some areas, welded tubings are more effective. For example, stainless steel coiled tubing and capillary tubing’s field, People may be surprised to say that there are seamless coiled tubings and capillary tubings that sell 30,000 Ft/roll in the market. How can it be only 200-300 mtrs/roll?

Friends, the 30,000 ft/roll mentioned here is not a seamless tubing to the bottom , but a lot of seamless tubings welded together. For example, the 30,000ft/roll seamless coiled tubing or seamless capillary tubing is actually formed by splicing 30 short 300mtrs seamless tubes.  The advantage is that the work pressure is strong, and the safety performance is higher when used. The disadvantage is that the cost is too high and the material waste is too large.

Therefore, in many cases, We, EMHK will recommend the proper use of welded coiled tubing and capillary tubing according to the different uses of customers. The following are the advantages of welded coils and capillaries we analyzed:

Firstly, the current technical equipment can only produce seamless tubes with a length of 100-200 meters, without any welding points, and are manufactured from a complete round bar. If customer need 2000-3000Mtrs seamless, the cost of producing is very high, and also the super long seamless tubings has to be connected by many short seamless tubings. It need long producing time, wasting more raw materials.

Secondly, if countless seamless pipes are used to weld an 10,000-foot tubing, each short seamless pipe will have inconsistent physical properties and chemical composition, and its safety performance will not be high. The pressure resistance is not high and it is prone to safety accidents.

Thirdly, we use stainless steel strips as raw materials to produce 8000feet or 10,000 feet welded pipes. There are no seam line on the surface , and no seam line can be seen inside. The physical properties and chemical composition are consistent, and the safety performance is higher. And the pressure resistance is as great as a whole seamless pipe.

In one word, EMHK will suggest customer to choose seamless or welded Coiled tubing/Capillary tubing,  Appropriate products can make the best use of everything, with good quality and low price.

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