Outbreak in shipping market triggered by the epidemic

Outbreak in shipping market triggered by the epidemic High global freight rates will continue Maersk, the world’s leading container shipping company, has forecast that high freight rates are likely to continue into the third quarter of this year on the back of high demand and a combination of capacity shortages and peak season. Freight rates for a standard case from China to the UK reached a high of $10,000 last year.A dozen years ago, prices were as low as $50.On April 30th, the international container freight index showed that the freight price of a standard container reached 5038 US dollars, while it was only 1200 US dollars five years ago. The market has changed quite a lot. As the overseas epidemic has not been controlled, COVID-19 continues to be infected by employees in ports of the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, resulting in a shortage of labor force, reducing the efficiency of ports, warehouses, storage yards, inland transportation and other links, congestion at docks, and a significant decrease in the logistics efficiency of ships, card collection and warehousing. Capacity is tight and high global freight rates are expected to continue. Eastern Metal (HK) Industrial Co,. Ltd.(EMHK) is a professional manufacturer of Stainless Steel Capillary Tubes and Coiled Tubing.  SS Capillary tubings including 304 Capillary tubing with long length per roll, 304 Seamless Capillary tubes and 304 Welded Capillary tubes. 316L Seamless Capillary tubings without any welding points. 316L Welded Capillary […]

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The Global Container Index hit another record high in May,2021

The global container index hit another record high in May The international shipping research and consulting agency Delulli released last week’s global container index, as of May 6, last week’s global container composite index (WCI) rose 9.8% month on month, reached 5472.33 dollars per 40 feet container, 489 dollars higher than the previous week, up 278.4% year on year. It hit its highest level since the WCI index was launched in 2011. Eastern Metal (HK) Industrial Co,.

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The Longest Coiled Tubing in the World

The world’s longest coiled tubing Coiled tubing is a new type of flexible oil pipe with a single length of several thousand meters and can be repeatedly bent. The outer diameter of the tubing is usually 0.75 “-4”. The length of the coiled tubing produced by ordinary companies in the market is generally 2000-3000 meters, but such length limits the application range of coiled tubing. Eastern Metal (HK) Industrial Co., ltd.(Referred to as”EMHK) company and its related partners through the continued ascent of coiled tubing production technology, in recent years, has successfully break through the long production technology of the coiled tubing, the production of coiled tubing maximum length can reach 8000-9000 meters, EMHK company is made in China’s longest coiled tubing suppliers, product successfully applied in tarim oilfield, ultra deep well drilling operations,Extra long coiled tubing from EMH has greatly improved the production of oil and gas and ensured the supply of energy. More information about coiled tubing products can be found at:

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What is Coiled Tubing?

Introduction to coiled tubing products: Coiled tubing is made of low carbon alloy steel. It is also called flexible tubing. One coil of Coiled tubing is several thousand meters long.With the ability to perform many operations in place of conventional tubing, the coiled tubing equipment features a pressurized, continuous trip, small size, fast cycle time, and low cost.Coiled tubing originated in the Allied “Pluto” during World War II in the 1940s. In 1962, California Oil and Bowen Oil Tools developed the first coiled tubing portable workover unit. The coiled tubing with an OD of 33. 4mm was used for sand flushing and well cleaning operations in Oil and gas Wells in the Gulf of Mexico.By the 1990s, coiled tubing technology had

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How the Coiled Tubing Trucks to Work?

How the Coiled Tubing Trucks to Work? There are coiled tubing crews and coiled tubing semitrailers, but the principle is the same. The composition of the coiled tubing truck: car chassis, coiled tubing roller, coiled tubing injection head, coiled tubing detector, pipe rewind device, blowout preventer, engine on the platform, car starter, etc. The reason why the oil coiled tubing truck is: the car loading, strong mobility, adapt to China’s southwest, northwest mountainous areas, hills and other oil field harsh road conditions. How it works: Coiled tubing tools can be divided into two broad categories: surface tools and downhole tools. The tools used by coiled tubing equipment for wellhead installation and surface maintenance are referred to as coiled tubing surface tools or devices. The coiled tubing is used in downhole operation. The tools used when the coiled tubing is installed at the free end of the coiled tubing are called coiled tubing downhole tools. Eastern Metal (HK) Industrial Co,. Ltd.(EMHK) specializes in producing all kinds of coiled tubing products including CT70-CT130 series. The coiled tubing products are certified by API, QMS,NACE,CNPC and so on. We are(EMHK) one of the leading coiled tubing companies with excellent quality and friendly price. Coiled Tubing Company Website:

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Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools:

Coiled tubing downhole tools: 1. Tool joint: 1.1 Inner card connector 1) Introduction to the tool The inner slip connector is a connecting tool that connects downhole tools to the coiled pipe.When connecting, insert the slips into the inner wall of the continuous tube. Preliminary pretightening can make the outer teeth of the slips bite the inner wall of the continuous tube.When subjected to axial force, the inner wall of the coiled tube is bitten by the radial clamping force generated by the fitting action of the slip cone, so as to realize the connection between downhole tools and the coiled tube. 2) Usage Before using this tool, appropriate slips and sealing heads should be determined according to the size and wall thickness of the continuous tube.After confirmation, smooth the weld on the inner wall of the coiled tube 150mm away from the end, and ensure that the O-ring seal is smooth and the tool can be inserted in place. During installation, insert the mandrel, slips and sealing head into the appropriate position of the inner diameter of the continuous pipe, tighten the push nut on the mandrel shaft, pre-tighten the slips, and then connect the lower connecting head to complete theinstallation.As a force is exerted between the tool and the coiled tube, the slips and the coiled tube walls are pulled tighter and tighter. 1.2 Wild card connector 1) Introduction to the tool The wild slip connector is a connecting tool that connects downhole tools to the coiled pipe through the combined action of the setting screw and the slip.The set screw and slip double guarantee the reliability of the connection.The “O” ring on the connector ensures a tight seal between the tool and the coiled tube. 2) Usage When connecting, cut the continuous pipe flat in a relatively straight place with a cutting knife, and use a file to remove the notch burr and pour an Angle of about 1×45°. Split the upper joint, slip and lower joint of the connector. First, insert the upper joint and slip into the continuous pipe successively. Insert the lower joint into the continuous pipe after installing the sealing ring until the continuous pipe passes through the two sealing O-rings.

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How to deal with the oxidized white spots of Stainless Steel Capillary Tubings?

How to deal with the oxidized white spots of Stainless Steel Capillary Tubings? Experienced technicians know that white spots are easily formed on the surface of stainless steel pipe fittings after being oxidized. At this time, corresponding treatments must be made, but what should we do? 1. Surface polishing method. Polishing can fill the pores

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